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George Oldziey, Composer for Film and Games, Music Recording and Production, Jazz Pianist

George Oldziey is a composer, pianist, recording engineer and music producer. He has extensive film and game composition credits and provides musical production and recording facilities in his Austin studio.

If you are interested in original music for films, games or video production you can hear samples and see more details at my music site, Oldziey Music. If you would like more information about my recording studio and musical production work, check out my Greenhaven Studio site.

George's News

I'm currently in the process of finishing up the physical product for the Wing Commander music project.  All the music is done.  I just need to finalize the CD cover, get it manufactured, and send it out to all of the wonderful backers of the project, along with the prizes for the appropriate Kickstarter levels.  My goal is to have it out by the holidays!

BTW, if you haven't already seen the documentary about the amazing recording process check it out!

Musically yours,


I first started composing the music for the WC3 movie scenes before the filming was done, and had to work with the great storyboards that Marc Baird created for us in order to come up with some thematic ideas.  Chris Roberts really liked the initial music I did to the boards for the opening sequence, often bringing family and friends into my office to have me play it for them.  When I finally got the actual footage, which was on VHS tapes with SMPTE code burned on them, he felt like that music didn't quite work.  I'd already composed the gameplay music for "The Last Mission to Kilrah" and thought that theme would be a strong one to represent the entire project in the opening sequence.  I synced that up, along with an intro, to the movie and submitted that to Chris to check out.  He called me at home later that evening to say he liked it, but he wanted a darker Kilrathi theme for the throne room sequence.  He said, over the phone, "give me something like (and he proceeded to sing), dah dah dah, dah-de dah, dah-de dah (Darth Vader theme)".  I said, "OK" and mulled it over.  I went for a long run early the next morning (been an avid runner since I was 20) and a theme came to me in the middle of the run.  As soon as I got my sweaty self home I sat at the piano and got the theme, and a chord progression, down on paper.  That became the Kilrathi theme for the project.   I played it for an old composition professor some years later.  He asked, "why so many minor chords?".  I said, "they were really bad guys".  :)