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GATO 6 - Samples

The New CD, "El Viento" is done! Here are a few samples from the GATO 6 musical menu!

  1. Ojo Del GATO -A happy, bouncy Brazilian baio beat with playful horn lines and great solos on the full version!
  2. El Viento - The title track of the CD featuring a sensual, Brazilian rhythm with lovely lyrics and vocals by Suzi Stern!
  3. GATO Get It! - A blues based cha-cha featuring some blazing horn solos and a rollicking salsa interlude in the full CD version!
  4. Unchain My Heart - The classic blues/R & B tune but with that distinctly "GATO" flavor!

GATO 6 - Latin Jazz Meets World Music in Austin

GATO 6, Austin's premiere Latin Jazz band, is a high powered, all-star ensemble that performs George's original music which draws on his myriad world music and jazz influences. The band features locally, nationally and internationally renowned artists such as Dennis Dotson on trumpet, John Mills on reeds, George Oldziey on piano, Wayne Salzmann on drums, Kris Afflerbaugh on bass, Luis Continho and Mike Longoria on percussion, and the incomparable Suzi Stern on vocals.

GATO 6's premiere CD, "El Viento", will be officially released on Thursday, August 23rd, and will be available at Austin's Waterloo Records as well as at, CDBaby and in digitally downloadable form from iTunes.

GATO 6 Performance Calendar

Greetings GATO fans.  Looks like our next public appearance isn't until January 24th, 2014 at the Elephant Room.  I'll be sure to have some new material, as well as bring my accordion!

Hope to see you all there!

10/28/13: Buy our CD online!

If you want to buy a physical copy of our great debut CD you can do that here

If you'd like to download a digital copy of the entire CD, or purchase individual tracks please visit